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Jeff Bujak, currently based in Northampton-Massachusetts, tours live as 'Bujak Live.'  He started performing solo in 2008 after touring in full-bands for years (his 2nd solo show was opener/setbreak sets for The Breakfast in Syracuse; and his 9th show was opener/setbreak for Lotus in Albany).  Since then, he has performed over 850-solo shows in 37-US states plus a few adventures in Canada.  He controls a self-built custom light structure during his show as well.  His live show constantly evolves from frequent additions/subtractions of stage gear and lights and more-so since the addition of Jen Dulong in 2011; his exclusive on-stage LED hula hooper.  He performs live versions of his studio tracks which are a progressive-dance mix of electronica, hip-hop and rock music using vocal samples sprinkled atop his all-original compositions.  He only uses 2-customized keyboards, a few loopers/samplers and a laptop to create his full-show.


Jeff Bujak is also the keyboardist for the northeast 'supergroup' Normal Instruments comprised of Mike Carter on guitar (from The Indobox), Jules Jenssen on drums from Ross Jenssen, Higher Organix as well as The Indobox and Matt Beckett on bass from Cosmic Dust Bunnies.  They perform all improvised music.  

Stage Plot  |  Media Pic  |  Facebook: @bujaklive  Booking and Management: jeff [at] jeffbujak.com

Twitter: @jeffbujak @jendulong @bujaklive

Instagram: @jeffbujak @jendulong @bujaklive


Listen to ALL live recordings below, or click here!

Official Live Recordings

Want to go back even more?  Bujak Live on Archive.org

OCT 09, 2014 - Live in the studio

FEB 04, 2014 - Live in New Haven (CT)

NOV 25, 2011 - Live at Big Up Festival (NY)

AUG 17, 2012 - Live in the studio

JUN 01, 2011 - Live at Strange Creek Festival (MA)

MAY 12, 2011 - Live in Ithaca (NY), Northampton (MA) and Burlington (VT)

APR 13, 2011 - Live in Boston (MA)

MAR 17, 2011 - Live in Saranac Lake (NY), Providence (RI), (MA) and Adams (NY)

JUL 05, 2011 - Live in Hartford (CT) and Fitchburg (MA)

FEB 09, 2011 - Live in Northampton (MA) and Albany (NY)

NOV 10, 2010 - Live in Jamestown (NY)

JUL 24, 2010 - Live at Camp Bisco (NY)

APR 03, 2010 - Live in Clifton Park (NY, w/ Pretty Lights)

DEC 31, 2009 - Live in Albany (NY)

NOV 03, 2009 - Live in Syracuse (NY), Saratoga Springs (NY), Southbridge (MA) and Oneonta (NY)

SEP 01, 2009 - Live in Syracuse (NY) and Greenfield (MA)

Keep in mind... there are 6-live tracks across the Something Different ep collection, here.

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