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Jeff Bujak is a musician/music-producer/graphic-designer from Northampton, MA.  He started playing piano at age 7 and guitar at 13; he studied classical theory.  After touring with bands as a keyboardist, he began performing solo as a live-electronica musician in 2007.  He got a quick name early on opening or playing at setbreaks (sometimes on the floor) for Lotus, The New Deal, Telepath, Eoto, Pretty Lights... and eventually Conspirator, Brothers Past, Zedd's Dead, Zach Deputy and so on.  In 2011, Jen Dulong joined on LED hula hoop to create 'Bujak Live.'  All of his info can be found using the menu above.  Feel free to email me... I mean 'him' at jeff [at] jeffbujak.com at anytime.  He'll write back.  :-)